How To Download YouTube Videos to iPhone

How to download YouTube videos to iPhone.


Video Summary::
First You will have to download an app called “Documents 5”. This app is available for free from the app store and can be downloaded in no time.
After you have downloaded the app and installed it, just open the app and go to the “browser” section. After you’ve done that, you should see a normal web browser.
On the URL section, enter “” and hit enter. After you get on YouTube, load the video that you want to download and then edit the url of the video after it loads up.
Remove the part that usually reads as “https :// www.” and replace that with “SS” and hit enter.
Now you will be provided with bunch of different versions and file types for the video to download.
Select the right version or file format and then select the required download location and hit enter.
Your YouTube video should now start downloading.